This is the tape that came with Big Muff 3. (Don't write to that address now!)

Big Big 3

Sofahead - Invitation To Dinner
The Emotionals - Walking Home
Easy - Apples For You
Shelley's Children - Jack
Scott Bond - Wipe Out
Antiseptic Beauty - Vitreous
Common Language - Urge To Forget
The Love Buttons - Country Song
The Popguns - You Must Never Know
Who Moved The Ground? - Tear Me Down
Passing Clouds - Eat
The Butterflies - Burst
Head Of David - Town Without
Bubble-Eyed Dog Boys - 99 (Is Not Enough)
Strawberry Story - Close My Eyes
Po! - Sunday Never Comes Around
The Popinjays - Nothing (live in the studio)
Hayfoot Strawfoot - My Life As An Extended Interview Quote
Amelia Fletcher - Escort Crash On Marston Street (live)
The Bedflowers - I'm So Cool
The Ammonites - Stupid
Big Stick - On The Road Again